Many positive experience had with the BSA

Every since I learn I was going to have a son I wanted he involved with the Boy Scout for are many reasons. The scouting program provide many young men with many positive experiences, and I wanted my son to have these same experiences, during the short time he has been a scout he has alright had many positive experience and most of which he would not of had outside of scouting. I have greatly enjoyed watching him have these experiences, knowing that he is enjoying them as well. There are things that the BSA dose at the corporate level that I disagree with but my intent with writing this is to praise the positive aspects of the scouting program. Growing up I heard my father story of his time in scouting he made it sound so very cool and it was something I wanted to be involved with but we live out in the country and were no troops around were we lived so I was never a scout and I always wished I had been. Because I felt I had missed out I resolved that my son would be involved in scouting because I wanted him to experience the sort of fun that my father scouting stores had been full with, and to this point my son has already grown and had more fun than I could have hope for, and I am looking forward to watching him grow as he continues in the scouting program.


A place that is filled hope, promise and creativity

Where I work it is their annual bring your child to work day, why? what is the point of it I don’t understand. Why take a child that you clam to love to work with you is crazy, what I mean is its nuking futz. Why would you do this to a child that you report to love? why would you expose the children that we say we love to a place that you hate, a place that is soul crushing. The job that you only keep in order to support your family, a place you would leave in a heart bet if you could find better. How can you expose a child to a place that is toxic to your very soul and with a straight face still clam to love them? I have a better  idea instead of taking them to work with you, why not you go to school with then and spend the day in a fun carefree environment. A place that is filled hope, promise and creativity. please understand this is just my two cents but, taking your child to work day maybe a great idea because let face it is never too soon to expose our children to the truth of adulthood and the dream crushing really of the world place.  I know that sound crazy but if got to chose between a day in a place filled with hopes, dreams, and imagination, or in a soul crushing nightmare I know which one I would chose.

a collection of shared memory

The world we see all around us is part of an interactive illusion that we have a part in creating. Our mind make this place seem real but only when we come in direct contact with the projection dose it feels sold and real. This is what makes the illusion so very strong the illusion become sold on the local level and this fools us in believing everything around us is real even thou we have not felt touch it, only seen images of and heard story about it. The truth is that none of it is real, all is an illusion and is a collection of shared memory that are past down from a prior stages of the illusion. The present is only what we have agreed upon and made real as we all touch our place within the illusion. We are creating and passing down this illusion, and since illusions have no true forms they change over time. This plan is only a reality for us in the here and now, no matter where and when we are. Then the collected memories of our time and place are passed to be remembered and add to the collection of shared memories and they remembered to have been. By this shared memories we will manifest this place the next time we are here. Of course it will look and feel a little different but in the end the illusions remains the same. This world, plan or whatever you wish to call it, is in fact merely an illusion that each of us are creating a part of. Just because this place is an illusion we are creating does not mean we can’t create one that we can enjoy I think we should, and please lets empowers other to do the same for themselves as we

A positive outcome can be insured

Our nation is involved in nonstop wars which are taking place on two different fronts for now over ten years now and it has taken a dreadful toll on the troops this toll is not exacted from them on the battle field, far to they carried a hidden battle home with them. A military service member has been train from boot camp to be ready, how to key up and always be ready to go in and get the job done on the battlefield as well as other stressful environments and tasks. To this end they get the very best training for the proposes of accomplishing their mission. However they have been fail by their training and it is in the theater of the hidden battle they take home from the front. Very often there is no training time allotted for addressing the topic of how to go from hard driving organized mayhem on the battle field one second and then who to return to of peace and Zen upon their return home. Very little if any training is given on to turning off the warriors mind and returning to minds set of peace no one can accomplish this missing without any kind of training on this topic. By not training solders to do is just setting then up for failure and is a grave injustice the fact that so many brake really should shock no one at all. When the solder go to their chain of command for this training or information on a place they can go to got it often they are shunned and told to just “suck it up and drive on” when veterans go the VA for this training all they are given are psychiatric drugs to numb the memories and pain. Many  service members just want to be able to go back to a peaceful life like the one they left sadly they are unable to because they were not trained for it. The military witch is huge on training with a block of instruction on every topic you can think of right along with a corresponding training manual on whatever they need to learn. The public and the military don’t understand that not every wound is on the outside and in the body. Many solder suffer wounds of mind and soul that just as real and just as deadly if left untreated. Once the solders has exhausted the limited resource they may have been given with no help they may turn to self medication taking the form of illicit drug and alcohol with just make the problem much worse and this will lead to paranoia and acts of violence this treatment path can only lead to disaster all because they felt as if they were shunned, ignored and misunderstood when they asked for help.  Solders are trained for every situation they may encounter on the battle field so that a positive outcome can be insured and  we owe then the same trainning for the chance of a positive outcome once they have returned to the home front  as well and failing to do this is a grave injustice visitied upon these returning heros.  

Fame is an addiction and a dance

There a myth running out there that being rich, and famous will make us happy but has anyone ever ask why  being rich and famous would do anything that make us happy. If we are not whole persons before fame and fortune finds we will be consume by them, and we have all seem examples of people that have been consume by fames. Celebrate tabloid rags are a record of all those that have been consumed by fame. So why would a grounded person seek out fame. it comes down to validation of a person worth for whatever reason. Our ego seeks out validation where ever it can be found. Some find it in their jobs other fined it with their family, and raising their children. Still other seeks after fame thinking they will find it there sadly this may be the worst place to look for it. For creative people fame show up at first as validation, when it starts you are being praise and celebrated for your work, and you are the star of the moment, I mean you are what is hip new and happing and just as you are basking in the glitz and the embrace of the spotlight and this is when fame reveals itself as the cheap twisted wicked form of validation that it truly is, and now the public that you thought hung on your every word have moved on to the next bright new thing because the public is selfish, and focused only on their selfish gratification, and in doing this they must always move on to the next big shining whatever it is in order to quail their desire new outlets for their personal gratification. Humans being addicted to fames because humans are self centered this combined with the privilege that often come with fame enables us all to live out our selfish dreams. Fame is an addiction and a dance. With this dance we look for our next partner as well as every addict you do anything thing to get your next fix.

Give in and conform

At some point in our lives some authority figure advised us as to the evils of peer pressure this figure may have been our parents, teachers, coach, minister or even a police officer. When our parents are the one giving this advice we think they are trying to stop us from having fun, and kids are thinking there parents are cold and heartless they accuse parents of hating them, and not wanting them to have any friends or fun. Now in turn parents reply with no it because I love you that you can’t do whatever it is that you want to be safe. Then as if that is not good enough, parents use as a follow up question, “so to be cool and run with the cool kids would you jump off a cliff everyone was doing so that you can fit in? When did the rules on peer pressure change that so clearly defined danger just following to fit in as illustrated by the cliff jumping question. Clearly they have so now as long as everyone agrees it ok to whatever it is only now the name is consensuses not peer pressure. Now the rules are when a large enough group agrees on something and becomes accessed by a majority of the people this is now a “truth” or even “a fact “ it now expected that if want to fit in we go along with what the majority option on a subject in order to fit in we are expected to give in to peer, sorry agree with the group’s consensuses, I mean going along with what majority of a groups as agreed on must be ok because after all there is a consensus even if you may disagree with it . My proof of what I am talking about is the use of “peer” I am so sorry I mean uses of consensuses to sway option is global warming and how the group seems to agree on the facts about it and by peer oh I did it again consensuses has pressured those that disagree with the group in to giving in. It is amazing the lengths the majority with employee to get the dissenters to conform to consensuses when we were children we were told to stand up agent the crowed and notgive in and conform you all remember be yourself  well now there would likely be a caveat of be yourself as long as you agree with the consensuses. The painful truth about consensuses is that it changes almost every day why would anyone want that to sever as the means making choices that range from what to eat or how we let represent us in government. I say peer pressure or consensus thing give any sway in our lives but that is just my view feel to reach your own conclusion.   

We deserve and should be demanding better

 When the idea for this post was hatched it was indented to be my reaction to the results of a survey given high school student and the topic was their sexual activity during their time in high school. The numbers sighted in the survey is reflection of how pervasive sex is in our culture and how I believe this saturation influence our view of sex on a personal level. Sex permeates our culture you can’t look anywhere without seeing sexually charged image.

Sex sell is a very well know saying and is true however there are other effective means of selling a products but it seems to be use most often simply because it works with the least amount thought and effort. If you want me to buy your products make great products that I will want to buy because of the quality and you will not have to use sexually charged images, look it really do not matter how many naked woman you show grinding on your product or any other like images you may use to try to get me to buy whatever you’re product, understand this if I want your product I will buy and if not I will not I am sorry but you wasted your money on those adds. Put your money into R&D and make great quality products your money will be better spent because the tack of using sex to sell me a product I don’t want is not working and come across as despite.

Why is it that when I go to movies their always have to be a sex scene that often times adds nothing to the plot of the movies. Now I always thought movie are all about story telling why put a scene that adds nothing to the plot. Hollywood it seems you’re getting lazy and desperate with your so called storytelling and your going start to lose money.

In my view our children have been completely over sexed and the fact is by the time a modern child are in middle school they will have seen more sexually charged images then an adult man did in his entire lifetime one hundred years ago. I don’t fully understand why little girl need to dress like strippers on their way to school and yes I understand that ultimately it is on her parents how they dress her. However when they go to the store to buy her cloths to wear and about eighty percent clothing for girl’s look to be from the young stripper line. I really don’t understand why I can’t watch TV with my son during primetime without being he exposed to sexual overtones and images. We are being insulted by the people that make and market these movie TV show images and other products because for whatever reason they are too lazy to come up with good uplifting and in lighting programming and wholesome products that they go with what is easy and they know will work, but you know in the end it is really all on us because it appears that we are too stupid to understand that we deserve and should be demanding better.  

Illusions created on stage

The world around us is meant to be a distraction so that we will not see the truth that is right in front of us this distraction range from politics to pro wrestling and all the other ways that we entertain ourselves with on a daily basis. As a  huge wrestling fan my entire life I enjoy the story telling both thru the physicality and personality of the performers I always find myself being chough up in the emotion of the crowed along with the illusion created on stage to keep us rap up in the show and so that we don’t see past the truth that everyone involved in the show are working for the same company and it is important that they keep us focused on the show it would be disaster if we turn from the stage and look behind the curtain. I have also followed the world of politics and the inner working of our government my whole life and I have come to under something about both politics and pro wrestling have the same thing in common both are comprised of stage shows staring  of larger than life personalities that  pretending to be at odds with each other when on stage for the sake of the show however after they go off stage are friendly with each other and are working toward in advancing the storyline that the company is advancing. Both of these shows are fun to watch and be a part of the show we must remember as we are watch these show that there are designed to keep us distracted. It became clear that we are under hypnosis and being programmed not to see what is going on off stage. As I see it the differences between wrestling and politics is that wrestling and other form of physical entertainment admit that there spectacles and are for entertainment purpose only. However with the politics that even those it is a spectacle for entertain but there is also a sinister plan in place by the powers behind the curtain they seek and almost have complete control over our lives. We have been brain washed by entertain to seek out the very people bent on our enslavement to be our savors out time of trouble. We are given from of entertainment and hypnotized so that we believe that there are two side one side seeking to put us in peril and the other side ready to sweep in and save us. This of course is an illusion because in fact both sides are the same and it goal is our enslavement. No from that group is going to save us we must wake up and understand that we that must free ourselves the first step is reject the illusion of the world we see around us.

Guilds us thru out our life

What is Intuition everyone know what it this that inner voice that guilds us thru out our life. That voice speaking in your ear when you are making decisionof any kind you. Some of the times it’s a voice and sometimes it a feeling that if you follows were it leads it will take you to a positive outcome. I was given a chance to follow this voice recently as I was writing and editing a perspective blog post. I started out with the intent to write something light and fill with good natured honor, intended to be tongue in cheek tongue in cheek I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it. During my four steps editing process it changed from light and good natured to something negative and mean spirited not what I wanted to put cross in this posting. During my writing process from rough draft to finish, and publish all the editing refining proof read, some of you may saying I need to do more editing and proof reading. During this process I poured my heart and soul into the work and if after all this was done and it just didn’t feel right. The mood I wanted to set just was not there. Up on discovering this I sent a finished copy to a very good and trusted friend for their input. During the time before hearing back from this person I save a copy on my blog site into the save drafts folder. All the time I was waiting to hear back  I kept that voice saying hearing don’t publish ,don’t you dare do it, It’s not right  I know that there was a reason why I learning this needing lesion. Finally I heard back from my friend their reply was that it was fine and we all know that when someone tell you something is fine, that it is in fact not fine. There reply conformed what I had been feeling and even those I hated to do it but I followed my intuition and not publish that draft I even went and deleted what I had save to my draft. I really don’t understand why I had to go thru my creative process only to end up not posting it. maybe one day I will understand why and even if I never do I will continue to trust my intuition because I know that it will guide me on my path if will I follow it I would also never have to lament the fact that I knew I should have done this or that. Always go with what you know and trust and follow your intuition.

Our view and use of money is a reflection of ourselves

There are many message about money all around us and largely they are mixed which runs a gambit ranging from it’s the sign of success to making money is not important, or money make the world go round, and it is the root of all evil. Everyone knows the mixed message we are presented with about money. I believe that our view and use of money is a reflection of ourselves and what I mean is if you’re a caring giving and compassionate poor person nothing will have changed about you is that you now have money and, if you are a self centered greedy poor person you’re going to be the same person now you just have money. There is a system that controls the production of money because money is the representation and record of both our personal and national debt. This also is a mixed message you see. Many of you may know this about money is created out of nothing you see and many understand that our money is created out of thin air just created from noting. Even thru this is created from noting the federal reverse bank loans it to our government to be pay back at interest and since the government does not make anything we the tax payers are on the hook for these loans.  The last thing I going to say about money is that only reason money has value is because we believe it does the reason we have this belief  is a result of many years after of indoctrination but in truth is has no value and it had never been anything real at all.